Your Customers Are Hesitant

You Use Word Of Mouth To Get Business

wordmouthYou have been in business for years. You rely on word of mouth to get your business. This has been successful because you are honest, fair and do good work for the money. There is something different happening. Even though word of mouth is still your main marketing method it has changed.

Recommendations Were Held Until A Meeting

If you are over 30-35 years old you remember the time when you encountered something, saw something or read something that triggered the thought, ” I need to share that with Marion or Frank”. You kept it with you, it wasn’t intense enough to trigger a phone call but the next time you saw them you would bring it up. It could have been some good work on your home or an auto-repair or a new product.

Word Of Mouth Is Online

onshareWord of Mouth is online now more than offline. When a person encounters something they thought would be useful to a friend or a group they can immediately share it the moment they go to their phone or computer. They can include a link to this as well or a picture. This has changed the game in word of mouth marketing. Once someone wants to share your service you have to be online to support their sharing or you will likely miss the referral.

XIliumWe’ll help you get involved and actively promote these same word of mouth interactions and discoveries that will bring you business.


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