You Pay Too Much For Your Cell Plan

This is the 2nd time I read this adĀ from Virgin Mobile. I don’t use their service but I considered it. The problem for me is that the phones they provided in the past and the data service (Sprint) they used performed too poorly. I’m sharing this ad with you because I think the analysis is good. Have a read and consider what they are saying about overall costs. Then consider some other plans that give you the proper service level you need. For instance I am rather indifferent to call quality and dropped calls(to a point.) What I want is very good data service that I can tether.

But you have your own needs to poke around and see what’s out there. Continue reading and, with the exception of a person that travels to many locations and is subsidized by work, skip Verizon and AT&T. Unless it’s the only service in town and in that case, my sympathies.

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