Yelp to support your local business

Since many small business owners are not tech-heads I try to share a limited amount of tech services that I think will become essential. Today I was reading a post on how to write a good Yelp review. You may be familiar with Angie’s list and Craigslist.

You should also be aware of the online rating service called Yelp. It has been closely tied to restaurant reviews and I don’t mean the high-end reviews but burger joints and pizza shops. Even if your demographic is older this is the type of site you should pay attention to. Non-tech heads are using these services more often to answer the question, “where is a good place to…”

placesforbusinessgmapsWhile you are poking around at this consider Google Maps (and Bing Maps.) Claim your location even if it is not a walk-in service. People use these to look for things like carpet cleaners and many domestic services. You want it to pop up and have your phone and website and contact information.

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