Why You Should Not Buy A Windows Phone

If you are reading this blog you likely have some participation in a business. If so your time is valuable and tools you use affect more than just you. Your phone is becoming increasingly important to you for accessing tools, responding to clients, prospects and vendors. You need to stick to a mainstream system for your every day usage. Being unsupported or constantly struggling with your phone is detrimental to your business. For both day-to-day operations as well as your strategy(marketing and other long-term programs.)

So do yourself a favor and stick to either an iPhone or and Android phone while avoiding Windows Phones. They are the leaders and are still in the ascension. Windows may become a viable option in the future but it will be a long while before that is known. When the time comes you can switch but wait until the time has come. Being an early adopter is not for business operations use. If gadgets and phones are your hobby then buy a second phone and invest in your hobby, don’t put your critical business operations into a phone OS that has a better than even chance of failing.

transfer2The most important business data you have on your phone is your contacts. Either the iOS ecosystem or the Google ecosystem works very well. Remember the days of upgrading your phone and handing it over to an in store service person. He took it in the back and disappeared for 15 mins to arrive back with your new phone populated with your old data (although something was always amiss). There is no need for imperfect manual data loading with newer systems. In the case of Google your data is stored on their servers and your login provides you instant access to your personal data. It’s the same data for GMail on your computer as on your phone’s dialer. The same happens with Apple’s iOS cloud service (although not as slick and portable).


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