Why You Might Want A Giant Phone

asianoteThey’ve been called ‘phablets(phone/tablet) and many other unflattering things. I have laughed at them with my colleagues and friends about holding up a phone to your ear requiring two hands. I first saw people using them while in Asia several years ago when the Galaxy Note appeared. It was a big hit in Asia and many people had them. It was doubly amusing because these Asians have smaller hands than the average American.

zoophoneAdditionally she pecked at it with a stylus. “How 20 years ago”, was my thought. I have gradually come around to think more favorably about these giant phones. Phones are fashion driven, remember Zoolander and his tiny phone in 2001?





I have read with glasses for over 10 years, age related, and function has risen over form. I realize now there is a place for many kinds of phones. The difference in our skills and needs requires a range of phone types. They shouldn’t all be the same size and weight.

I use a tablet for light easy convenience. I crank the font size to Large so I can more easily read it. 20 years ago on a computer I saw they started to put in variable font sizes in the Netscape browser and I thought why bother? Smaller font meant seeing more on a screen, it was dumb to make the font larger.

I now see the light (or the font I should say.) So before you pass off something that deviates greatly from the current fashion (yeah, that’s you iPhone) consider your needs.

  • Eyesight
  • Hand and finger size and flexibility
  • Your dexterity
  • Functions you need to use
  • The precision required in the apps you use

There are more but think carefully about it and  balance these along with cost/benefit in you buying decisions.



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