What Is Windows 8 Like?

mudrunI use Windows 7. About a year ago I upgraded my recently purchased laptop with Windows 8 because it was a free upgrade. I can definitely tell you that is something you should never do. The upgrade worked, so it seemed, but immediately I felt something was off. Everything was very slow and web pages needed refreshing to see the entire page. Programs launched slowly and ran slowly. Everything on my shiny new laptop, a Samsung Series 9, seemed like it was running in mud. After a month of that I gave up and restored my Windows 7 and have been happy with it since.

I can report that not all Windows 8 installations are like this. I attribute it to the upgrade instead of a clean install. I have to wonder Microsoft, why bother with those anyway they never work well. I have had some friends and family ask me about Windows 8 and I shared my experience. Most of these people are basic users and they don’t want to fuss and learn a new paradigm. So I suggest sticking with Windows 7 until another year or 3. Eventually we all will need to upgrade so some prep is in order. Here is a video that shows how the Windows 8.1 upgrade works. Have a look and see what may be your future on your laptop. Unless Google’s Chromium or Android takes over all your needs.

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