Use Incognito Mode Even On Secure Sites

I’ve advocated using incognito mode before to protect you from retailers and others that track you around the web. It’s a good idea to use this mode when going to your secure safe sites as well.

Don’t Assume A Secure Site Keeps Everything Secure

paypalinsecureWhen you go to your bank or a credit card site you see it uses the locked or https┬ámode which is encrypted and you assume protects your information. But as it turns out many big name sites like Paypal stores your secure information on your hard drive. Why is this bad it’s your laptop after all.

Your Laptop Is Never Secure

incognitoOnce someone may get access to your laptop because you let them use it to browse something. Another is some virus or worm can get access to your machine and start ‘worming’ its way through your files and they can get your account numbers and sensitive information.

So assume that your laptop is not a secure place. Don’t keep secure information in unencrypted files on your laptop. Keep them in the cloud in an encrypted place.

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