Today’s Deal Means Make Password Security Your Priority

1passwordPassword security is essential to anyone that participates online. As you do more and more online keeping secure can help you sleep at night. I recommend 2 solutions to manage your passwords,

1password  if you are using iOS and lastpass for all platforms.  Today 1password is on sale for $9 (usually $15) so go get it today. How do these work and why would you want them?

You can store not only every sites password but the login locations and other sites. One you download and signup you can then install a browser extension or download an iOS/Android App. Then whenever you go to a website the extension will automatically recognize it and enter your username and password. A big advantage this has is if you are on a public network the password is hidden so no key logger would be able to identify your password.

You can also use the tool to ‘share’ your login with another person while keeping your password secret. This allows you to revoke access anytime such as with employees. No longer do you have to constantly change passwords when an employee leaves (did you really change it or just hope that ex-employee would not access it again).

I have been accumulating online accounts since 1993 so 20 years later I have literally 100s of logins.  I used to previously use common passwords to help me remember them. Sometimes I would let the browser remember them. But when I went to another platform they would not be available and I did not remember them. When I had to start with a new computer I lost all my saved passwords so I then had to remember and reset many.lastpass

Using the same or similar passwords is risky. If one account gets breached it is then tried on many other commons sites like banking and other emails. These tools will generate truly strong passwords which can then be saved.  Now every website has its own unique strong password. All you need is to remember a single password to your selected tool. Ultimately it becomes easier than what you do today and the convenience will be well worth it.

  • This is a real problem for me. Taking care of this issue will free up my energy and productivity. Thank you.

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