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I spend more time reading and thinking about how to improve myself in ways that benefit my business. Perhaps it is my age or stage in life but when I come across an insight into how people work I eagerly consume it. Over the last year I read posts on false assumptions that make us less efficient. One of my favorites is people who claim to be busy to the point of not taking five minutes to address something important, even to them. We all know the chronically hyper-busy person that is frenetic and seemingly always in fast-moving mode.

I don’t often express this out loud but I feel it internally and my inner voice has used this excuse many times. But we all know many highly successful people who do enormous amounts of work and yet they are not projecting this feeling. As it turns out people who constantly claim to be too busy to do or handle things are really saying to you that you are not a priority. They end up focusing large amounts of time on tasks that really don’t need it. They sub-optimize and never sit back and re-factor how they are working, they’re too busy to do that.

startedOne of the most egregious problems to your productivity is getting started. Adam Pash at Lifehacker has a nice article on this topic. I am going through this now as we are doing a major home clean out. I noticed my office sits chock full while I poke and prod around other areas of the home that really don’t need much attention. I’d like to write more but I’m really busy and need to get on it.

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