The Personal Touch

We spend a lot of time talking about technology and promoting it for your business. But it should always be understood that for business, technology exists to help you. It is not in your best interest to experiment with it. This is why we share credo, “don’t be a first adopter”. If you want to play with tech then put that in your personal time bucket.

contactMany of the small business people I talk with use word of mouth and their personal network to get clients. It’s their personal reputation that allows them to stand out. I have advocated using social media to manage your online reputation. But remember to not over do it. Fox Business has a nice article discussing when it’s time to have a phone call, meet face to face, or send a card through the mail.

Remember that technology should be used to enhance your personal touch and not completely replace it. By all means eliminate your scraps of paper lists in favor of a smartphone list manager but not all of your personal relations. Use it to reach people then follow-up with a call or a visit.

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