The Extinction Of Business Cards

I saw this Lifehacker article about sneaking a few cards in your smartphone case. It’s a good idea but I started thinking about business cards. Neat idea I thought because I never have a business card with me. I thought more about this and wondered, are business cards passe’ ?

In 2001 I started a software business and would go to 3-4 tradeshows and numerous conferences throughout the year. This on top of many individual meetings. I first noticed in 1999 an exec I worked with never hand business cards. He seemed to network well and get along very well. If someone is going to remember you then a followup via is sufficient to provide that information.

I also would look at my pile of cards after these meetings and often would not enter them. Sometimes they would get dumped to our sales guy and he would put them in our contact DB but that was it.

ecardsToday I never even try to bring cards. Occasionally someone will ask and I apologize for not having them and then share emails. All I  need is a name then a LinkedIn look-up.

We’re on the cusp of business card extinction. It will vary by industry but it’s coming. In the meantime use whatever technique you need to manage your new relationships and watch your smartphone take over this task.


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