Texting Still King On A Smartphone

I’ve written about texting before. I’m not a fan. But ubiquity can’t be denied and that’s why texting is the modern FAX in many ways. Even in its eventual death and downfall. Compared to the death of the FAX though texting will end up dying a much quicker death. The reason is the alternatives exist, used heavily and progressing toward that magic ubiquity.

prodigy-online-300x225aolGizmodo has an insightful analysis¬†predicting the technology that will win the day (and the ones that definitely will not.) From my view the front-runner Facebook has a structural problem. It’s a closed system, anyone remember Prodigy or AOL? They have the most but they can’t ever really get it all. Kyle Wagner is predicting Google will win.

From my perspective I’ll be glad to not have to install yet another app, another browser extension… application…

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