Tax Mistakes You Make

It’s a fine line to walk, how aggressive to take deductions. When you have a business there are very good opportunities but they have to fit your business and what you do. Until you learn the deduction profile of your business you need a good partner to give you advice. This is an accountant or an experienced business person that knows you and your industry.

talkhandI have rarely used an accountant but have used online software for many years. My education and background is in business and that along with dogged research has helped me to do my personal taxes myself. My business taxes are another matter. For this I use an accountant and don’t want to take on that challenge. Although this article on taxes from Lifehacker is for personal taxes it is very relevant to a small business persons personal taxes. Take the time to read this entire article and it will ¬†help you to keep more of your money.

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