Switching From iPhone To Android

It’s hard to explain why one phone OS may be better than another. The reason is difficult to explain and in many instances can only be experienced. Here is an example that sort of illustrates this point. My father used a computer for over 10 years. Not well but sufficiently to get along. When the world go around to using tablets I observed how he used a computer, how he rarely responded to emails and how he disliked typing. So I suggested a 7″ tablet. He was reluctant but hey it was free (a gift) so why not.

Before he received it I was trying to prep him about how to use it. He did not understand and was quite skeptical. Finally it arrived and almost immediately he was sending emails, texts and seeing pictures that he had not been able to see. He was seeing Facebook posts and commenting about them. His world opened up. The reason was that the swiping nature of a tablet and using pointing and dedicated apps made navigation simple and understandable for him. He also could never remember passwords and the idea of a browser was foreign. In short it was a game changer for him and it worked.
ios6A similar thing happens when you switch between the universe of iOS and Google. I won’t claim that one is better because it really depends upon each person. I am more technical than the average person and I like tweaking and having rich function so I go toward Android. iOS was innovative because it was first and it was easy. But the very things that made it easy are now Googlelimiting its functionality and integration. It doesn’t help that Apple constantly forces people into their own applications. My own iOS experience was in using an iPad for about 6 months. I finally ditched it for Android and in the latest hardware versions I am mostly happy.

Here is a Gizmodo article by Jamie Dihiansan about his switch and why he made it. If for no other reason than to save money have a read and see if it relates to you.

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