Staying Secure With Good Passwords

Many believe that you can come up with a highly secure theme for passwords. The problem is that it’s not a random human that is attempting a few hundred guesses. It’s a computer with enormous processing power and a behavior based dictionary that can devine the strangest patterns. To help you keep your business secure we recommend password apps. These help you keep up with the hundreds of sites that you access. Some are very secure, financial sites, others are personal like health care and others are social and random.Securepasswd

To stay secure you need different passwords at every site because if one is compromised then tools will try that password on many other email and financial sites. We recommend extensions and apps such as Lastpass which has a windows, Chrome and other browser plugins, extensions and programs you can use. This is cross-platform and will give you tools to create great secure passwords. How do you remember them? You don’t, you only remember your one secure password that you have to enter everyday so you don’t forget it. It auto-fills the password on the sites for you or allows you to see the password you want.

If you want to use it on your smartphone they charge a fee for it but once you use it many times a day it is worth it.


Xilium has patient and supportive technical people who take the time to help you setup and walk you through doing your work securely. We don’t tire of repeating ourselves because we know this is complex stuff for the average person. Our people are well-educated and customer focused. Drop us a line and we will share our ways.

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