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I hesitate to write about social media in this blog because it is more a marketing function than a tech function. But it’s still tech and the management and tools surrounding it make it fair game. Besides as long as it helps small business we want to provide some coverage of it. At a minimum, for customer support, you need to understand these tools to some degree.

oniceI have 2 sons, both of them are college aged, and I turn to them for advice on young people and their interests. I was reading this post on facebook cooling down usage by teens and I asked my youngest about it. He confirmed that his friends use twitter now more than anything else. Because of my business I view this with two lenses, one how does the technology work and how are communications conveyed, two how are the technological cost factors going to change.

iritExpecting your customers to come to you and follow your process and procedures is a sure-fire way to lose them. If you want a document signed from a customer and insist they send it via FAX some people will balk. Few people have access to FAXes at home now and many don’t even have access at work. This concept extends to facebook. If your clients are on facebook and talking about you as a group, you better be there.

If you market to businesses than teen behavior may not be relevant to you. The business I do mostly skews older because they are businesses. What I care about is where are these 35+ year olds and what are they doing there?

Now how do I get that business facebook (Linked In, Google+, Twitter…) account going again?


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