Smartphone Prices Are Dropping

How Do You Pay For Things?

layaway2It’s important to understand your own personal cycle of phone purchases. The price of an iPhone goes as high as $850. I’m not going to confuse you by putting in contract prices and variations. As stated before, you always pay for it. If you like the layaway plan of buying goods then get a phone subsidy with your carrier.

High End Smartphone Prices Are Dropping

Thanks to Android the price of a smartphone has been dropping for years now. But it was dropping the priced due to less expensive hardware and components. The recent drop is significant and due to something else. The average price has dropped from $450 to $375. Much of this average drop is coming from the high-end smartphones and this is because the components are more readily available to the low-cost manufacturers, hello China.

foxconniphoneThe inevitable march of large-scale manufacturing is trickling down and across the worldwide market. Android 4.2 is more than a match for Apple’s aging iOS and they will continue to trade the technological lead for the foreseeable future.

Keep Your Options Open

openoptionsThe clear message to the small business person is to consider your cost options over the next year or two. What is your existing investment in Apple or Google. The service plan you have with Verizon the #1 cell carrier is the most expensive. Consider taking the path that leaves your mobile plan and phone as an option. Preferably a pay as you go(month to month) contract which allows you to change quickly. The two-year contract will exist for the 25% that are either price insensitive or the lazy money managers. You are spending around $1000/yr on your mobile plan. Taking an hour to look and learn can save you hundreds. If it matters dig in.

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