Small Business Coffee

chemexI didn’t start drinking coffee until my late 30s. Then at 40 when I started my first business I really ramped up. My progression into stuffy snobbish coffee behavior evolved over that next 15 years. I don’t think everyone should be fussy about it. I’ll occasionally¬†drink a freeze-dried cup of Sanka in a pinch. But I enjoy the process and the surprises that come out when I try new things. My favorite coffee now is Dunkin Donuts whole bean. Why? because it is cheaper than most and the roast is right for me(medium) and the beans seem consistent and not bitter on proper brew.

chemex2I was talking to a fellow small business person and he asked if I ever post things about coffee. So in his honor here is a great post from Lifehacker about coffee. In the meantime Neil, enjoy a hot fresh cup.

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