Small Biz Dealz


Here is my inaugural ‘Dealz’ posting. I’ll try to find and post good deals that arise that can be used by small businesses. Note that I have not tested these nor do I vouch for them being the best only that these are recognized items that are worth looking at if you have the need. Move quick though because most of these are short term and may only be available for a day.


Internet Security (read antivirus for Windows) from Kaspersky Labs. Kaspersky is a recognized leader in antivirus and internet security. Don’t just go only for Norton bloatware (not my favorite can you tell?) via FatWallet. $0 vs usual cost of $60.





Seagate 2TB drive . This is a USB 3.0 drive going for $90 usually $120 via Brand Name Coupons if you have a local business server and want lotta space.


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