Should You Encrypt Your EMail

Headlines are shining a spotlight on the transparency our electronic communications. My concern is the exposure your business has to lawsuit, competitors and general mischievous hackers and identity thieves.

encryptemailEncryption technology is another layer in your defense against people gaining access to other sites and areas of your life. If you are like me you may include ids and passwords from time to time. A person combing through your email can glean what your banking sites are as well as information about the login id and maybe even passwords.

It begs the question, why doesn’t Google encrypt all our GMail automatically? They have the technical expertise, they encrypt your documents on Google Drive automatically and there is nothing for you, the user, to do.

If you are concerned then consider taking steps to encrypt some of your email. I say some because not everyone on the receiving end will want to bother to unencrypt it but you can make a choice of which ones are sensitive and encrypted. Here are the technical steps. I’ve also talked about SecureGMail before and Alan Henry has a good post about it.

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