Share Screens and Collaborate

I like screen sharing apps when they work well. I don’t like screen sharing apps when they don’t work well. I have used many of these tools like: Gotomeeting, Webex, Crossloop, Google Hangout, Teamviewer and many more I have forgotten. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and what you should use depends upon what your skills are and what your needs are.

I’m bringing up this new tool called Screenhero. I like this tool for the times that I am collaborating with a team and many people are working at the same time. You can see their cursor while they are moving and editing and it is easily highlighted and labeled. Google Docs does a great job of allowing you to edit Docs at the same time and if you are in this environment I think you should stay there. But for those times that you are not on a Google document or it’s not practical that everyone have a Google account then this is a nice alternative.

This hits one of my Small Business button, it’s free and therefore I’ll bother to learn yet another tool to see if it is worth my time. If you want to see a video hit below.

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