Save Money On Tech

Monthly and periodic costs are the hidden leaks in your cash flow. Take some time and learn a little save a lot. Lifehacker has a top ten list on saving money on tech many of which I advocate here. Six to eight of these you should adopt enthusiastically. I have done most of these but the more technical ones like hacking may not be worth your time unless you are already skilled at it.

saynoOut of these if I had to choose my top saving method I’d say, skip the contract. It may not be the biggest saving but it bothers me greatly. The easiest one to do is just say no to extended warranties.

You may note we have added a new category to this post called ‘Money’. I think that being frugal and saving money where you can is important to a small business. Whether in startup mode or weathering a downturn small business money matters affect both the business and your personal life. Because of this we want to shine a light more deliberately on saving money for the health of your business and your life (and maybe marriage, relationships …)

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