Remote Computer Support

You may need to show a client how to get to something or do something. Or you may need help yourself. Google has added remote desktop support to Google Hangouts.

helpdeskXIliumWe have worked with many clients and they often either begin by verbally describing what happened or what they are trying to do. Nothing beats seeing a screen to guide someone quickly to a solution. If you are sharing the screen while talking that will often solve the issue in 10% of the time. This is because a conversation is not a good way to show someone what they are doing and what they need to know.

We have virtual assistants that support many people everyday and our experience shows that having this tool gets our clients past their problem and doing their job much more quickly. We will show you how to use these kinds of tools while helping you with any business support you need. Reach out to us and we will share more helpful ideas.

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