Relationship Science A New Business Social Network

I’m posting about this new and possible upcoming company not so much because I think that it is the best social network around. It is not even available yet. But I’m posting to illustrate the point about the speed with which these technologies change. In these social technologies the innovation is not the underlying technology but its application.

Facebook is the largest social network and it has been slow coming to mobile (yes they have had clients but they have been poor slow and with limited function). This creates openings as we all use mobile more often and for more things. LinkedIn really started rising because let’s face it, who wants to share their beach family photos with business contacts. Would any of you trust that you would be able to maintain a facebook firewall around your business contacts and that beer swilling, belly exposing photo?group3_3

Around Wall Street there is buzz about Relationship Science. A company that has worked for a year or so now behind the scenes gathering online information about business people. They claim a much large set of data because it does not need people to join the network. I use LinkedIn because it is one of the few business games in town (I also use Google+ for business posts). But I’m not really happy with the fact that LinkedIn tracks and notifies every person I look at and when I attempt to put a post with a URL in it the LinkedIn admins may cancel it. I’m guessing because LinkedIn wants to keep as much content inside their closed networks.

As long as there are restrictions and controls and people have discomfiture or desires to do more there will be social network opportunities. Keep your finger on the pulse and be nimble and move about these networks. Weave a tapestry of online activity to show your products, services, honesty, integrity and value.  And the idea is that sales prospects will come.

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