Prepare To Not Hit The Mountain

How does this guy not hit the mountain?

The new online world adds new capabilities every few months. In business you need to stay on top by having a team that keeps you aware of and supports the new tech that is vital and leading.  Vital tech are the services that you can’t ignore, the ones that will start the decline of your business if you don’t work with them. Leading tech are the services that are cutting edge, where your business won’t decline if you ignore it. But the right leading tech can give you a leg up in the future against your competition. There is a danger in leading tech if used in critical infrastructure or business process then failure can be a disaster.

XIliumThe key to using leading tech is knowledge and preparation. Get a competitive advantage in vital tech the same way. For small business your team is generally too small to hire someone who knows all the ins and outs of these two types of online services. Getting a partner with these skills is a way to stay strong and get a leg up.


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