Pinterest – Not For Small Business

I will admit that I started reading this article to use as a ‘here’s why Pinterest is not worth the time for small business’ type of post. I came away with thinking it is not a complete waste of time but it’s still way down on the list of social and other online places to pay attention to if you are a small business.

Any Value For Small Business?

Topics of interest for your target audience – Nope I don’t think so. Pinterest is not a place people are gathering and looking unless you have a specialized business that fits this graphic first format. I think something like quilters might fit but I don’t know that that age demographic is willing to learn this. Perhaps if it catches on in their circles.

How To Boards – This is a definite yes. I hate reading instructions, many people do and those that like reading appreciate a visual guide. As long as you can get it up in the search results or posted into social circles for your target it will do well.

Feedback – nope for almost all small businesses. People are used to railing away in some text format for via email, or forum or website. Going to Pinterest for that? Only if they encounter their main interest there to begin with.

Upoming Events – meh!

New Products or Services – The graphics and boards can be a good visual way to display the information but I can’t help but think that you can post this in a more accessible location to begin with like your website or in a group/forum.

Showcase Company Culture – Again I think the format is good but the location is not.

Social Proof – Reading/seeing testimonials and giving referrals is the time honored way of sharing. Others are a star rating from a trusted organization that you feel is not gamed or at least controlled. Think EBay ratings.

Discussion Groups – umm, we have discussion groups, they’re called discussion groups. Google searches hit and find them well. This should be on Pinterest if everything is centered on Pinterest and that only occurs in special cases.

Should You Use It?

I would say unless you have a highly unique business that fits Pinterest perfectly then no. There are too many things to deal with online for a small business and you have to draw the line on what you spend your time an money on. Pinterest is not one of them.


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