Phones Photos And Google

Photos can help small business in many ways. Four types of photos commonly used by small business people:

  • Customer project communication
  • Marketing and product
  • Business documentation and archiving

bakerphotoIf you use your phone (or a camera) to take photos for your business there is a new free option available. Almost all photos can benefit from editing. Whether it is simply cropping to focus attention clearly on the objective or more detailed editing affecting exposure and other manipulations. Photoshop is the photo editing standard but like MS Word its full power is only used by experts. What that means is that the 90% of the value and editing is placed on the simpler functions and in this case Google+ photo editing is hitting a lot of these areas.

99% of my word processing work is now done on Google Docs. Similarly photo-editing is mostly done in free editors. On my phone editing tasks I use are crop and exposure. On Google+ I will use color adjustments and smoothing, sharpening and a few more. I think a beneficial feature that will progress is the auto-enhance. ┬áThe features in this new photo editor extends beyond the casual user so if you want you can spend time to learn more about photo editing. If not then use what you need and you will be happy with the results. My favorite part, it’s free.


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