Negotiate Your Way To Better Business

In the U.S. we all were raised with fixed pricing. Since childhood we’re taught to look at the sticker price and accept it then make a decision from that fixed point. In business that mentality can hurt you. Either you are paying too much for your supplies or vendor services or you are not getting enough for your own products and services.

Airlines sell their seats for widely variable prices. In any random plane the odds that two people sitting next to each other have paid significantly different prices is very high. We should take that lesson and understand that each client has their own price point. We have our own price point when purchasing as well. To optimize this for our small business you must have an always on negotiating stance. Assume everything you encounter has a negotiated price or service. If price seems immovable then get more concessions on services. If a client is fixed hard and fast on what they will pay then move to exclude something or put some bundled items on a pay as they need basis.

Here are some tips for being a good negotiator. The first item in here is one I like and use personally. I try hard to look out for the person on the other side of the negotiation. My reasoning is that a client with ‘buyers remorse’ or one that is unhappy or complains will reduce my revenue down the line.

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