Must We Use FAXes

Faxes used to be ubiquitous but no longer. Who’s left in this world that requires a fax? Governmental organizations, medical groups and some large companies that have ossified bureaucracies that require their procedures be followed. Four or five years ago I had a few clients that were flummoxed by receiving an invoice as a pdf attachment. One even told me that they could not accept it so I had to print/lick/ship an envelope out to them.

Online FAX Services

ifaxI have used a FAX service for many years. I signed up for a free fax number from eFAX. Which has been an acceptable service for receiving faxes. The only downside is that I would receive many junk faxes but I learned that the only time I received a fax was when I was expecting it (about 2 times a year) so now when I receive one I delete it unless the phone number in the subject is valid (they often block or spoof their numbers).

Their plans are in the neighborhood of $15 per month. When I started using it ten years ago it was much harder to send faxes electronically. The technical setup was a pain and since I rarely sent them I always had to start from scratch setting things up and testing the process.

Cost Effective FAXingpdffax

I think there are 2 ways to go to be cost effective. I currently have a service from MetroFax. I send them just fine when needed and I receive the as needed. It costs $8 per month and it bugs me to pay that bill every month especially when I have not used that service. So why do it? If you want to keep a consistent FAX number you have to keep the service.

hfaxRecently I have been intrigued by a new service from HelloSign which we’ve talked about in earlier posts, called HelloFax. I have not used the service yet but HelloSign is rolling out lots of integration to all our favorite cloud services that are looking very good. Unfortunately, HelloFax is not a free service, about $10 per month, but if you are really needing a fax service and want simplicity this may work for you.

oldfaxThe second way is to start with a landline. Do you have one?(I hope not) but if you do then you can go the manual route. Almost every All in One printer has FAX capability built in. You can go through the pain of setting it up and then pushing out your fax. It still leaves you the problem of incoming faxes and perhaps eFAX can solve that problem for you. I’m not a fan of this because of the time and hassle but every person has their own way.


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