MS Office 2013 – There Can Be Only One

Office1That’s right, if you hard crash your computer and just got Office 2013 be prepared to pay again. Microsoft has confirmed that not only can you run only one copy but it binds itself to a single computer. If your computer crashes or dies so does the license. Here’s hoping you keep your hardware clean and your coffee away from your keyboard.

Here is a good place to insert my pitch for the cloud. Cloud based services mean that you won’t fry them or lose them or break them. I also strongly urge you use
gdrivefree services and not the paid ones. Microsoft is putting these harsh terms in to coerce encourage you to go to the Office 365 paid cloud service. Most people don’t really need these services.
There are multiple ways to get the functionality and sometimes you may even libreofficewant to have 2 or 3 ways available at the same time. I encourage you to investigate them and save money. Your  small business will thank you for it.

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