Maximize Your Battery Life

BatteryScreenYour phone is hungry. Most people I see keep their phone’s brightness high even when it’s dark. I see people charging their phone to 100% as a matter of habit. These and many more habits are creating a device with short time between charges.

Some phones are now coming with the battery soldered inside.  Buying a battery is not an option. Although some can have it replaced it’s an expensive option. So why not change a few habits and keep your battery cool, comfortable and long-lived.

chargerLifehacker provides tips on how to do this. Read through and when you’re done create a rule of thumb. My rules are, don’t let it go below 40% and not over 80%, if it feels hot then it’s too hot, move it. It’s hard to do these things, like when your overnight charger doesn’t throttle back at 80%. Keep your best charger bedside so it will keep your phone charge at the proper level. I have 4 throughout the house. Three of them are cheap and fast but the phone will get hot so I watch it. The fourth is more expensive and slower at charging and doesn’t overcharge, bedside for that.

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