Manage Your Jet Lag

The demographic for small business owners skews a bit older. When I started my first company I shared with pride the number of days I went without sleep. At my current age that becomes a lot less possible. If you have to travel for business you may be in a position where jet lag is a factor. If so here are a few tipsĀ from a Sponsored post by Libby Zay on Lifehacker:


  • Stay Hydrated
  • Eat healthy but on the new time zone schedule. It’s ok to have a little snack to tide you to a later mealtime but don’t over due it.
  • Establish your sleeping environment so you are comfortable, have the correct temperature and light level and sound. You can do this by bringing eye covers and staying in a known hotel that is consistent and works for you.hotelrelax
  • Don’t overbook. Give yourself time to watch TV, read or whatever is calming and familiar to you. Be prepared and the stress won’t keep you from getting the proper rest.


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