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Unless you are a gadget person you may not be aware of the level of customization you can do to your smartphone. Many people think there is only one keyboard or that all keyboards are pretty much the same. Au contraire, there is a huge gulf between the stock Android keyboard and their alternatives although with some of the new flow capabilities in the latest Android keyboard the gap is closing.
swiftkeyI decided to post this because there is a sale on Google Play for Swift Key both tablet and phone version (although I used the phone version on tablets and it works well so you don’t absolutely need both). Today it’s $2 normally $4 so you get 50% off.

So why is this better? Everyone is different in how they poke, slide, dab and jab at their keyboards. I have watched my 80-year-old father work some things quite well while others … not so much. Swiping at words can become quick and natural if you are a person that wants to try to observe and then adapt. Giving the tool your email account means it will analyze the words you use and optimize the choices. That means your words will more likely come up when you are working the keyboard.
I have started testing using the space bar with swiping. That means leave your finger down and swipe out a word then keep sliding your finger down to the space bar and moving on to the next word. I have been successful with 2 and 3 word swiping but I would not want to go further than that. It’s like a temporary buffer and if you totally mess up you have to go back to that first word. I hear they are making it smart enough so that you only lose the last word you were working on but I’m still not trusting it yet.
One other feature I really like is the long press. In passwords and small instances that you need only one or 2 numbers I hate having to hit the button to switch the entire keyboard to numbers mode, peck my one digit then hit the button to go back. In Swiftkey you can long press some keys to get to a number or an ‘@’ sign. Makes the flow of typing easy and pleasant.
Normally I’m not a fan of paying for apps but in this case I think it can really be worth while so if you struggle typing on your stock Android Keyboard, go grab this while it’s on sale. In the meantime have a read on what Android Police says about it.

Renotifygizmodo_01Update: If you are a heavy mobile user and need lots of reminders and pings to get things done then consider ReNotify. It allows quick access to setting and editing notes. I’m also going to give a shout out to Gizmodo
Dealz. One of my favorite blogs and a good place for gadget and software deals. Hit the link and see what’s out there today.

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