Maintain Your Professional Reputation

I read some points on how to maintain your professional career. This has a view from an employee perspective but this got me thinking about us small business owners. We can derive a list from this and use it to bolster our own companies. I have taken some license and recast these recommendations for a small business owner.

As an owner you fail if you are doing the following.

Don’t Set Expectations

Clients want to know you are confident and stand behind your work. They don’t want to pay for something that may or may not solve their problem. It’s okay to give a cost range if you have uncertainty but specify clearly and concisely up front and you will do well.

Bad Mouth Former Clients

backstabI have found in all relationships, personal and business, how someone speaks about others is how they will speak about me. Being gracious and showing respect for everyone will never harm you and mostly enhance your reputation.



Lose Your Temper

angryWhether with clients or colleagues or employees this rarely helps a situation. Stay clear and firm in your communications and you will appear level-headed, cool and a good problem solver.



Share Personal Problems

All of your interactions with your clients are networking and relationship building. No matter how well you know your client the relationship should stay a client relationship. Keep it professional and positive and it will help your business.

Manage Your Social Media Poorly

managesocialI no longer have a Facebook account. It was too hard to keep up with what was out there. I did a good job but family and friends you have no control over. I use Google Plus for personal accounts because I can better control what is on the internet. All others like Linked In are based off of my business email and work profile.



From Lifehacker

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