Low Tech Is Sometimes Best

loyaltycardI share a lot of tech including upcoming and new things but I always counsel don’t be a first adopter. Leave that to the tech hobbyists because business is your living and you don’t want to prioritize your personal interests over what is effective.

If you have a hyper-local business where loyalty programs can¬†benefit you, don’t assume a smartphone¬†program is the right way to go. Unless you have a highly affluent tech-saavy customer base, you can miss out on a large group of loyal customers. An example of this can be found in a marketing article talking about loyalty programs and the owners experience with the two types.

paybycheckPersonally I hate carrying around cards. You could easily have over a half-dozen or more if you had loyalty programs in all the places you shop. But people who are interested in these programs will diligently carry along their large set of cards. Like waiting behind the older person writing a check in a supermarket checkout it is amusing and sometimes irritating to wait while they sort through their pocketbook and find the card then they could pay in cash. My rightfully scolds me when I express impatience with an older person in line.


The time is coming when the cumbersome physical world will completely disappear but that time is not now.

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