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If you’re a Google+ dweeb then you can follow us there. Just circle Smallbizmodo and our posts will fit in your streams. Click to see our posts and add them to your circles.

googpluIf you’re not a Google+ fan then you’ll need to stick to this blog or via an RSS feed. We like Pulse as an RSS reader and now since Google Reader is disappearing it seems that it has been a good choice. Others in Android are Feedly and Flipboard the latter of which is probably the best one for iPhone users.

We don’t have Facebook pages (nope don’t want ’em), and we’re not Twitter nuts so we don’t go there. There is a place for those services we agree but they are for reaching out to family and friends and not small businesses. Perhaps entertainment businesses but I’m not even sure that’s a good bet. Feel free to throw down on those statements. We’ll consider nolike2posting out there someday but I suspect those particular social media channels will have disappeared before it makes sense to use them for small business. Yeah I said that.


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