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morelessYour biggest advantage as a small business person is your ability to adapt quickly. A limiting factor you have is that you are one person and you can do only so much. In this blog I try to focus on practical tech, not the shiny gadget of the day. I have always believed that tech serves us best by providing more for less. In business productivity of a few people is valuable.

Google Trends

topchartstrendsGoogle has a service called Google Trends for a long while now. The most referenced thing I am aware is the flu trends. Nice I thought and went about my day. But today Google shared a revamp of their UI and while reading about it I finally realized the scope. This tool shows trends about everything that their users search for. What this means is that it is a great business tool to plan and adapt your business about what people are most interested in.

Example Trends For Small Business

TrendsWith a little imagination you can use this to help your business. Let’s suppose you are a kitchen remodeling guy. You can search trends on what type of counters people are looking at, then promote them to people sharing this is the hottest item now.  Foodservice people can highlight and promote sales of food items that are hot. Roofing repair or painting can look at trends for home paint types and colors and ways to improve a home. When you go to a job site you can suggest some enhancements to the client increasing your work.

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