Lastpass update makes it almost usable

cloudsecurityBeing secure online is not a luxury. It’s not a convenience or something that makes your life easier. It makes it safer. Locking your front door is not quite easy enough, your house should know you are leaving and know who you are, not require you to carry a key and remember to do something before leaving.

SecurepasswdLastpass is one of the best password managers available for many platforms. Windows computers, iOS phones, Android phones and Macs. (If you are an Apple  only person then you may want to consider 1Password.) Today Lastpass just updated all their tools and this makes it harder to excuse not using it. If you run a business and have anything related to your business on your computer or phone (this includes emails) you need to secure it. Save yourself the embarrassment of having any sensitive customer information stolen from your systems.

These tools do more than just save your passwords. They save your websites, those hundred websites that you need to log into 1 time per year to figure out or pay some bill or bill some client. It also remembers all your credit card numbers and accompanying information needed to buy something without physically having it with you.

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