Lastpass Gets Better

LastpassLastpass the password security manager just added a new feature that not only makes your life easier but it will allow you to create safer passwords. Let me explain.

I have used Lastpass for around 3 years. A year ago I started using its feature for generating passwords that are more secure. I use this on websites that involve sensitive or financial information with a few exceptions. The exceptions were the sites I used on my smartphone frequently. You see the passwords they generate I could never remember, they are too complex and I’m too lazy.

I use the pay version which gives you lastpass on your phone but to get the password to log into a website or app I had to open lastpass, login, edit the site I wanted, view the password, re-enter my lastpass password, copy the password, return to the app or site and paste in the password. Ugh. So instead I used my old process of creating passwords with word combos, like most people. This is not secure.

paypalinsecureToday’s update to Lastpass has it actually filling in your id/password into apps as well as website. I’ll caution that it is not perfect. I find I have to sign into Lastpass first then exit the app then go back in to ensure it fills out. I have seen the lastpass dialog pop-up the first time and it looks like it wants me to enter my password then, poof, it’s gone. But usually I can get it to fill with a little fiddling. It was even smart enough to provide a copy/paste function for id/password when it could not get into my credit union account.

So I have started replacing my human-insecure passwords with lastpass generated ones and you should too.

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