Keurig Going The Way Of The Printer

refillinkjetInkjet printers and their drug dealing ways of selling ink have irritated me for years. If you are not familiar with the printer scam I’ll share it here. The leading printer manufacturers, I’m talking about you HP, also manufacture and sell their own ink. HP sells their ink for outrages prices and has for decades. I soon learned that I could buy ink at 25% of the cost and refill the cartridges, messy but possible.

One day after refilling my cartridge and placing it back in the printer I discovered it did not work. To my chagrin HP had updated my printer with software that disallowed the reuse of the cartridge once it had hit a low indicator. This was the kickoff of an escalating war between refilling, and alternate cartridge manufacturers. The sole purpose of this war is to ensure that HP can sell their expensive cartridges for huge gains.

drmcoffeeArs Technica is reporting that starting this Fall Keurig will come with DRM software that will disallow the use of any unlicensed pods in their machines. So run out and buy your DRM free machines now because the war is about to begin.

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