Incognito Mode To Get You Lower Prices

When you are looking for plane tickets or hotel rooms it’s a good idea to use Incognito mode(Chrome). Sometimes jokingly called ‘Porn Mode’ for obvious reasons and if you haven’t heard of it then you are either a chaste person or infected with some bad stuff and need a bit of doctoring. This is because companies frequently track and monitor you. Think of it like going to a 3rd world country and you are a browsing a market for souvenirs and curio. The shopkeeper watches you, observers your behavior. You look, leave then come back again. He’s a good retailer and can tell by your dress, nationality and other factors and importantly by your behavior how much he believes he can get you to pay.

Online the same thing happens. Only the programmatic price that you see will account for many of these factors; location, visit behavior. They even  watch where you go after you visit them. It’s like the shopkeeper following you around after leaving his store.

ffprivateIncognito mode allows the  sites you go to drop cookies like they want but when you close the browser the cookie evaporates because it is in temporary storage. Other elements of your browsing footprint also evaporate. So when you go back to the ticketing site like Travelocity they can’t sniff out where you have been before. Each browser uses its own term so I list them below. For your pockets sake, get used to browsing in incognito mode.

  • Chrome – Incognito
  • Firefox – Private Window
  • IE – InPrivate Browsing


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