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My biggest weakness in business is my people skills, or I should say lack of skill. I come from a large family of challengers. I grew up in an environment where every claim and presentation of events was challenged in a loud aggressive manner. This may sound to some like a terrible upbringing but I thrived and enjoyed it. I took my bruising and it made me prepare for the next encounter. Scoring a win was thrilling and fun.

familycompeteOver the decades I learned that not everyone experienced this same level of competitiveness. It left me at a deficit as I often found myself quieted by fear of a misstep. As I moved deeper into the business world my lack of skill was highlighted by my wonderment of key sales people who smoothly moved through all circles of their life.


Observing successful people turned me to introspection on how I can improve my skill. I have had modest success by mimicking the mechanics of successful social people. My greatest success is in learning about myself. Knowing my own strengths and weaknesses means I can better apply myself to add value and not detract from a situation.

I was reading an HBR article about communication styles that left me with an “aha” moment. This is another little nugget to put in my personal chest of improvement. It has inspired me because it is a technique that can be applied meaning it is mechanical and not a fundamental skill. I encourage everyone to read this. It can help expand your social circles, improve your family relationships and bring you greater success in your career.

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