How to Manage LinkedIn

Linked In is a social network for business. If you are a business person you may know it is the social network for networking. B2B businesses use is as a source for marketing and mining business leads. B2C and local companies may use it for more of the classical networking methods.

partynetworkingAs complex as direct human relations are this online networking tool can be as complex. One question that is of most importance is who do you accept invitations to connect from. I have seen different strategies used, one is accept everything from everyone. But the Harvard Business Review suggests taking a test.

burnabridgeAsk the question, would you do a favor for this person or would you ask this person for a favor. If the answer is ‘yes’ to either one then accept the invite.  I think there are exceptions to this. If you’re invited by a client or a partner you ask or grant favors but you don’t want to alienate them because they have direct access to your network. If so I would add the, “don’t burn your bridges”, test.

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