How To Make Coffee

Dunkin-Donuts-CoffeeWhile researching coffee sites for places to buy beans I bumped into the Blue Bottle Coffee instructional section. It gives a nice easy to follow set of instructions for most of the ways you would use to make a cup o’ joe. ¬†After browsing your favorite method go back and look for ways to select good beans (always buy whole bean).

I’ll confess I don’t care to make the rounds of nearby coffee shops. I need to drink a coffee for about a week before I know whether I like it or not. I’ll consider to recommend Dunkin Donuts coffee currently selling for $6.99/ lb, again whole bean only and don’t buy the coffee in the grocery store. It’s more expensive and may not be the same coffee you buy in the Dunkin Donut shops. Also, avoid the flavored coffee. If you want flavor in you coffee put it in your cup, why gunk up you coffee maker leaving residual flavors.

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