Small Biz Back Office Services Guide

This document is an in progress guide to Small Business services. These systems that are needed to help you in operating your small business  whether you use desktop software or Software as a Service (SaaS) or a manual system these will often need to exist in some form. I will exclude startup legal issues and assume that you have already incorporated or setup you business in your state. If not I recommend that you do a Google search for your state’s business registration process usually with the Secretary of State.

You own a small business, you have a lot of paperwork (electronic government and HR counts here) to do every month. You are getting the sense that this is either burdensome or you’re forgetting or neglecting some of it. There are a lot of things that can help out there but frankly you’re not sure which way to go. Not all small businesses are the same. They involve owners, employees, contractors, vendors and clients. A business must adhere to government laws and regulations and there may be other entities with rules that you have to follow.

I’m going to start by listing a non-exhaustive set of tools that can help to address these issues. I will add here that I have no vested interest in any of these solutions and no relationship to them whatsoever. Each business owner has to decide what they will use and how they will use it. I will try to be informative and helpful and it is my plan to eventually create a wiki-like guide to small business tools. Let’s start with the types.

This is a list of service providers and software that I will report on or evaluate. I’m not claiming it is exhaustive but hope that it is informative and it will help you to begin your research on a service.

  • Online Banking (Mobile)
    • Bank Specific
  • Wire transfers
    • Domestic
      • Direct Wire
      • ACH (See Bill Pay)
    • International
      • Bank Specific
      • Foreign Exchange Service
      • Xoom (Country Dependent)
      • Brokerage Accounts
  • Bill Pay
    • Bank Specific (often free)
    • 3rd party too numerous to count (make sure it’s free)
    • Quickenbooks (cost – really? stay away)
  • Bookkeeping
    • Quicken/Quickbooks
    • Quickbooks Online
  • Payroll (including tax filings and govt filings)
    • Intuit Payroll (Formerly Paycycle)
    • ADP
    • Bank Specific
  • Employee Benefits (Insurance, retirement…)
    • Zenefits
  • Payment receipts
    • Merchant Services (credit cards, debit cards)
    • Paypal
    • IPN Gateway (Intuit)
    • In Person Collection via card reader
      • PaySimple
      • GoPayments (Intuit)
      • Paypal Here
      • Square
      • Flint