Google Wants Everyone To Have A Virtual Assistant

RosieAt Google’s I/O conference right now they are releasing a lot of neat services. One of their most interesting services is Google Search. They are working hard so it can understand your natural speech. Instead of struggling and typing some text after going to a search box you can now say things like, “Find a good restaurant near here” and “Email Frank”, it knows who ‘Frank’ is because it knows he is familiar to you and you communicate with him often. Remember Siri, well this is starting to deliver on that promise.

asstThis is the coming age where everyone will have a virtual assistant in their pocket. It’s not yet perfect of course but it will become more useful over the next few years. At Xilium we a big fans of the concept of a Virtual Assistant in your pocket. We have college-degreed Assistants that are available to handle any office task you need. They are pro-active and reach to your next appointment and remind you of your important activities without you having to worry.  The Assistants are very affordable to even the smallest business, a one person company.

Our Assistants have access to small business technical resources that will fill in areas you want to develop. Like marketing and online technical expertise. Start by going to our website and then contact us.XIlium

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