Going Online Requires Images

If you have your business online you need images from the internet. You take snapshots from your phone and a few selfies but you need graphics and related images to make your website or blog posts or any other social media not suck. GoogleImageSearchUsageRightsSo you go to Google and do a search and browse through the Images. Problem is that you need to know the rights to know whether you can use it for promoting your business or if you are just posting a facebook photo that anyone can see. I have struggled with this because it is quite tedious combing through photo websites. The websites are structured to get royalties, I don’t begrudge them that and they have free stuff. But it is constantly pushing you into the pay for this area. Either for business or just promoting this blog I always want free and I want a good selection. Google to the rescue, Now you can have a great search tool with a large volume of images that you know the rights to courtesy of your regular Google Image search. Thanks Google!

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