Get Rid of MS Office Payments

I have always resented paying for Microsoft Office believing it was far too costly for what it gave me or at least for what I used it for. I could understand if you were using it for a significant amount of its functionality but c’mon how many of you really access the complex formatting of the word processor and the database lookup functionality of Excel.

In the majority of cases you use it to view files and small edits for the little percent leftover. Maybe finally for an infinitesimal number of document creation beyond the simple typing involving little more than a text editor with bold, italic and underline.

I’m taking the announcement of LibreOffice 4.0 to let you in on  an open secret. This free open source program has been around a long time and it offers up all the access and function you need. I have used it (mostly its predecessor OpenOffice) for over a decade. I never purchased or used or needed MS Office. Every machine I purchased had it installed prompting me to pay for it to get access.

So unless you are a whiz at MS Word and Excel and use all of their functions and have tested LibreOffice to see that it can not do what you need, ditch MS Office today and save yourself some money.


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