Get More Time or You’re Not That Busy

Busy_ManThis article on Learnvest points to personal habits. Small Businesses are mostly about personal habits, skills and activities mainly because we are all things to the business. You can’t often afford to hire a person for all the activity types so if you are like me you do a lot of bookkeeping, marketing, selling, IT support, product development and on and on. So your time is valuable and precious. What better way to gain more than to review your own habits.

Here Laura Shin talks about how to view your time and how to get a bunch of it back.

I learn a lot from the people I work with, sometimes unintentionally. I would talk with clients and heard from one that they were very busy and didn’t have enough time to deal with some important (my view) aspects of their business. But I would later be on a phone call that would go on seemingly forever either circling the same topic or discussing random thoughts not part of their business. This was clearly a social need they need to have filled. I would later receive a very long email of equivalent content. I remember thinking – there’s your time!

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