Get More From Your iPhone

tinkererSmartphones can do a lot. But it takes time and effort to maximize what you get out of them. When I was in grad school I knew a fellow student named George. Whenever anything needed to be done George would almost always take 3-4 times the amount of time to do it in a more programmatic or automated way. This led to my office mate and I creating the phrase, “George it”.

George was excessive but there is value in his process. Some tasks are usedĀ over and over. Once you know which ones, you can invest a little time to learn or configure your phone to help you with it.

The iPhone (and Android phones) has a lot of notifications and configurations that will help you. The Google Now project is anticipating what is useful to you and pushing it without any setup. Take some time and learn a little more about your iPhone to help yourself.

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